Frank & Louie.

September 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t know about you, but I stayed up late last night watching baseball and enjoying several domestic beers with my buddies. So I’m tired. And a little hungover. With that in mind, this morning I was not prepared to see a cat with two faces. If you are also not prepared to see a cat with two faces, you might just want to go back and read about Korean prostitutes. Because there’s a cat with two faces coming up.

(1) So let’s just get it over with. This cat has two faces.

This cat just celebrated his 12th birthday, making him the longest-lived “janus cat” (a cat with two faces) on record. And his name is Frank & Louie. (Really. His name is “Frank & Louie”). Frank & Louie is from Massachusetts, and has been able to live for so long (most two-faced cats die as kittens) because unlike a lot of janus cats, which have two brains fighting each other for domination of the body, Frank & Louie only has one brain. Both his faces react at the same time. When one of his faces eats, the other face just chews on nothing. So, happy birthday Frank & Louie! I hope that both of your mouths get to eat some birthday cake!

(2) I know that the two-faced cat was weird. So here’s a bunch of cute baby pandas.

This photo is from a giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) sanctuary in China. I don’t know what the story here is, but damnit if giant panda babies aren’t just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

(3) If cyborg rats aren’t a sign of the end of humanity, fish that use tools probably are.

Want to see a video that will mess with your head? Watch this. It’s an orange-dotted tusk fish (Choroedon anchorago) using a rock to break open a clamshell so that it can eat the soft delicious clam inside. So not to stress you out, but something with a brain the size of sucked-on Gobstopper has figured out how to use basic tools. Next thing you know, orange-dotted tusk fish will be making 3D remakes of Disney movies. If the rest of the animals figure out how to use tools, we could end up with two-faced cats vying for the Republican presidential nomination. They’d have as good a shot as anyone else. (Zing! Political humour!)

(4) Sometimes Nazis didn’t think things through very well.

Recently maritime archaeologists found the wreck of the S.S. Gairsoppa. The Gairsoppa was a British transport ship that was sunk by U-101 (a German “U-boat” submarine) about 70 years ago. If the Nazis were smart, they would’ve tried to capture the Gairsoppa instead of shooing it with torpedoes, because its cargo is very valuable: the Gairsoppa was loaded with 200 tons of pure silver. The silver, which is worth about $200,000,000, makes the S.S. Gairsoppa the largest treasure find in maritime archaeology history. The finders get to keep 80% of the profits from the sale of the silver, and the British government gets the other 20%, which they will presumably use to get women’s volleyball uniforms.

I had more to cover today, but as I said: I’m hungover. I’m going to watch “Man v. Food” and then go to bed early.


(Alternate title for this article: “Political humour!”)


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